Beautifect Luminous System

Unique to Beautifect and two years in the making is the powerful Luminous System, emulating daylight with a total of 5 colour modes, allowing you to see every detail for the perfect finish. With a CRI of 90+ you see real life colours, even with the slightest variation in makeup shades. CRI ratings are commonly overlooked in most makeup lights on the market and that is why they do not reflect true colours.

5 Colour Modes

Our Luminous System has a total of 5 colour modes ranging from candlelight to bright sun, so you can check your look for different lighting scenarios. All perfectly balanced and quality controlled to mimic the real thing.


Office Light

Photo Light


Bright Sun

3 Brightness Levels

Our lighting technology has been specially designed to produce powerful studio quality light. The brightness can be adjusted to 3 levels on each colour mode. This light is evenly dispersed over the entirety of your face, eliminating any shadows. The high capacity battery lasts for at least a week* on a single charge. (*estimated with average usage on full power)