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Beautifect Blender

Beautifect Blender

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Triple action multi-use blender, giving you a flawless airbrushed finish effortlessly, every time. Proven to use at least 50% less foundation for full coverage compared to other leading blenders on the market.* Read more

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Discover the Beautifect Blender

The Beautifect Blender is perfect for flawless high definition makeup coverage. Providing an airbrushed finish whilst softening fine lines, contouring cheekbones and giving you an all over flawless look. 

  • Expert blending for all formulas, liquid, cream or powder.
  • Minimal product absorption for maximum application.
  • Reusable and latex free.
  • Safe for sensitive skin.

To use:

  • Dampen blender to activate.
  • Apply product directly to blender and dab across face.
  • Rounded surface for flawless base application.
  • Flat surface for even contouring.
  • Pointed edge for targeted concealing.

To clean:

  • Wash with warm soapy water, rinse, gently squeeze and dry.

*independent study