Dr Tara Lalvani is awarded CEO of the year award!

Dr Tara Lalvani is awarded CEO of the year award!

Congratulations to our founder Dr. Tara Lalvani for winning the CEO of the Year award for being the most innovative beauty CEO. It's a significant recognition of her leadership and contributions to the beauty industry. Dr. Lalvani's innovative approaches have brought about substantial advancements and positive changes in the beauty sector. This award is a testament to her dedication, vision, and ability to drive innovation in the industry.

In a quote celebrating her success, Tara wrote:

I'm thrilled to share that I've been honored with the CEO of the Year Award for Most Innovative Beauty CEO!

The idea for Beautifect stemmed from my own struggle to balance work and motherhood. Picture this: constantly searching for good lighting to do your makeup amidst a hectic schedule, with makeup scattered across messy bags.

It dawned on me that traditional makeup application methods, whether at a dressing table or in the bathroom, hadn't changed in over a century! Recognizing that many others faced similar challenges daily, I was driven to create the revolutionary Beautifect Box.

Three years into this journey, I'm delighted by the progress we've made. The unwavering support from our incredible community has been pivotal in making Beautifect a success. Alongside my dedicated team, we've not only tackled the challenges of finding the right lighting and time for makeup but have also contributed to reshaping the beauty industry.

This accomplishment reflects the collective effort of our team, supporters, customers, and believers in the Beautifect vision.

Moving forward, I look forward to our journey with excitement. Your support has fueled our innovation, and drive to enhance and redefine the beauty industry. With Beautifect, your beauty routine is now both efficient and enjoyable.”

We’re so very proud of Beautifect’s achievements in such a short amount of time!

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