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Beautifect Box

In a world where everything is available on demand, why isn't our makeup? We are still tied down to a dressing table or bathroom mirror, the same way it has been done for generations!

Introducing your 21st century dressing table. Beautifect replaces the need for a separate table, mirror, light and storage. Perfectly simulating daylight, meaning you will always have the right lighting and you no longer need to be tied down to one place. You can now get ready in less time, with less effort and look even better.

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Daylight Brightness

Our luminous system simulates true daylight with a CRI above 90

5 Lighting Environments

From evening light to bright sun, adjust your makeup for where you are going

Go Cord Free

Recharge with a standard USB-C and go cord free for up to 3 weeks on a single charge

Distortion-Free Mirror

Adjust and angle to any position for a true reflection


Beautifect also
available in Harrods

Beautifect Luminous System

Unique to Beautifect and 2 years in the making is our powerful lighting technology, perfectly emulating daylight and eliminating shadows by evenly dispersing light over the entirety of your face. Choose from 3 optimized brightness settings with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of above 90.

Smart Storage System

Specially designed deep and generous compartments provide enough space for all your daily makeup, allowing you to intuitively find what you need effortlessly. Dual function flaps separate your pencils and brushes, whilst also securing your makeup in the ultimate vanity case.

More Key Features

5 Lighting Environments

Our Luminous System simulates various lighting scenarios ranging from evening light to bright sun, so you can adjust and perfect your makeup for where you are actually going.

Evening Light

Office Light

Photo Light


Bright Sun

Beautifect in the News

"Best new beauty product - A portable and chic storage solution"

"Best make-up bag for foolproof application"

"Incredible Dressing table in a box - Game-changing lighting"

"Think of this as your portable beauty studio"

"Why have a make-up bag when you can have an entire box?"

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our commitment

Our Commitment

At Beautifect minimising our carbon footprint is incredibly important to us. We pledge, for every Beautifect Box sold, we will plant a tree. Less Carbon Dioxide, more Oxygen, happier planet.







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