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Reflection Meets Perfection

Upgrade your at-home mirror with the sleek and luxurious cordless design of the portable Beautifect Glow Mirror. Make the daily routine easier with all the revolutionary features you need to achieve the most perfect, flawless look. With Beautifect's leading lighting technology, there’s no more struggling to see those hard-to-reach spots or battling with uneven lighting.

  • Superior Glow Control

    Precision control dial allows you to adjust the glow, making it perfect for makeup application and skincare.

  • Rechargeable & Cordless

    Recharges via a standard USB-C cable and then go cord-free for up to 2 weeks*.

  • Adjustable and Rotating Design

    Rotate the mirror up to 45 degrees and ensure that you can sit comfortably at all times while achieving the perfect angle for makeup application.

  • Magnification Mirror

    In times you need to see that extra detail, you can simply attach the 5x magnification mirror magnetically to the main mirror.

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Advanced Lighting Technology

Uniquely engineered by Beautifect, the advanced luminous system perfectly simulates daylight and evening light, whilst eliminating shadows by evenly dispersing light across your entire face. Select from 3 optimized brightness settings, with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) above 90, for lighting that reveals your makeup in true-to-life colors.