Declutter & Elevate your makeup organiser with the Beautifect Box.

The benefits of using a Beautifect Box to ‘Marie Kondo’ your makeup.

Tired of rifling through a chaotic mountain of makeup products just to find your favourite mascara? Do you often think about reorganising your makeup but never find the right beauty organiser to cater to your needs?

“Applying my makeup always felt like an inconvenience, I was having to leave my family and go to a different room, the lighting was poor and my makeup was disorganised in messy makeup bags” - Dr. Tara Lalvani, founder and CEO.

Dr. Tara Lalvani invented the revolutionary Beautifect Box out of a determination to make women’s lives easier. Organising your makeup shouldn’t feel like a mundane task, think about how you feel when you clean your house from top to bottom, or get your car valeted - the same applies for a beautifully organised and decluttered makeup bag.

“I believe that doing your makeup should never be an inconvenience, and instead it should be an empowering enjoyable experience”  - Dr. Tara Lalvani, founder and CEO.

Our meticulously crafted luxury makeup organiser, The Beautifect Box has been recognised as a luxury go-to portable dressing table by the likes of Oprah Daily and Harpers Bazaar. Beauty influencers across Social Media have shared, “oh so satisfying” reels, displaying how they methodically organise their makeup when receiving their Beautifect Box purchase.

How to organise your makeup in the Beautifect Box.

Decluttering can be hard, some of us have trouble eliminating which makeup or beauty tools to keep. With that in mind, The Beautifect Box has been intuitively designed to generously hold all of your daily makeup essentials; our makeup box organiser is the epitome of elegant organisation.

Helen Sanderson, a professional declutterer from North London says for GoodHousekeeping,

"It’s a bit ironic, as cosmetics are meant to enhance our beauty, that if you look in some people’s make-up bags or drawers, it certainly isn’t a pretty sight," *

There are numerous methods you can apply to beginning the declutter, our all star list should help you begin the process of organising, such as:

  • Cull out-of-date makeup. Time to be ruthless, would you keep out of date food in your fridge?
  • Recycle empty containers, unused and duplicate tools and brushes. There are a plethora of beauty recycling places at your favourite drug stores and retailers, make sure you dispose of any unused beauty items accordingly.
  • Don’t hoard the free samples. This one is hard, sharing is caring, why not give them to friends and family?
  • Aside from your daily makeup essentials, if you have a substantial amount of beauty products that require a smarter, more aesthetically pleasing organisation bag, check out Beautifect’s Vanity Bag & Beautifect Toiletry Bag.

Separate your makeup pencils and brushes with Beautifect’s smart storage system.

Described as, “The Rolls Royce Of Makeup Bags” by Bethenny Frankel on Social Media,

One of the key features she identified that makes the Beautifect Box an elite makeup box organiser is the dual-function flaps, noting the extra generous space for the largest of makeup brushes. These ingenious flaps serve a twofold purpose; by not only separating your pencils and brushes from the rest of your products but also ensuring that your makeup stays secure inside the box.

Specially designed deep and generous compartments to up your makeup organisation game.

Finding your daily essentials in a messy makeup bag is a thing of the past thanks to the Beautifect Box. To make the most of the deep compartments, you could group your products by skincare, coverage, powder, lips and eyes. However you choose to reorganise your daily routine into the Beautifect Box, rest assured that this invention has been designed to allow you to approach your routine methodically and with ease.

Another top tip to maximise the space in your Beautifect makeup organiser is to take full advantage of the vertical space. You can effortlessly stack your products on top of each other in a way that makes sense to you, whether it’s by height,size or colour. Every inch of your makeup routine should now feel elevated and more efficient and we hope this will give you even more confidence, a gift every woman truly deserves.

Elevated and decluttered, thank-you Beautifect!

When it comes to makeup organisation, you can say with great confidence that your Beautifect Box enables you to enjoy a clutter-free portable vanity space for all of your daily makeup essentials. As Vogue put it, “You’ll wonder how you EVER lived without it”

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