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Crystal Nail File

Crystal Nail File

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The only nail file you will ever need! For the ultimate at-home manicure our sustainable ultra long-lasting luxury Crystal Nail File will keep your nails smoother, healthier and looking beautiful for longer. Read more

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Discover the Crystal Nail File

The Beautifect Crystal Nail File ensures no trauma to the nail, no breakage and no chips! Made using only premium materials and with a tempered glass coating for increased strength, the crystal ensures precision filing whilst infinitely more hygienic and durable than a standard nail file. 

How to Use
  • Effortlessly glide the file over the tip of your nails whilst gently shaping and buffing. Leaving the nail edge smoother than ever before sealing the tip for a flawless finish. 
  • Regular use will prevent splitting and peeling of polish whilst maintaining a smooth shape. 
  • Simply clean with water after use and pat dry. 
  • Store in the vegan leather pouch provided for the ultimate protection.

Dimensions: Case - L 21cm. Nail File L 19.5cm