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Beautifect Box White

Beautifect Box White

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A new era in the way we do our makeup every day has begun. You no longer need to be tied down to one place. Get ready in less time, with less effort whilst achieving better results with our advanced lighting system. Easily wipeable storage. Invest in improving your daily routine. Read more

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  • Daylight Brightness

    Our luminous system simulates true daylight with a CRI above 90

  • 5 Lighting Environments

    From evening light to bright sun, adjust your makeup for where you are going

  • Go Cord Free

    Recharge with a standard USB-C and go cord free for up to 1 month on a single charge

  • Distortion-Free Mirror

    Adjust and angle to any position for a true reflection

Discover the Beautifect Box White

The award winning Beautifect Box device promises industry leading lighting with a high CRI allowing you to see true to life colours and shades for flawless makeup application. No more makeup mishaps!
This is your revolutionary portable dressing table allowing you to get ready in comfort with everything you need wherever suits you best.

- Makeup contents not included.

Dimensions - approx. 29cm x 25cm x 9cm
Weight - approx. 1.7kg or 3.5lbs

Beautifect Box Key Features

  • Beautifect makeup case with light featuring 5 lighting colour modes and 3 brightness settings.
  • Powerful LED's simulating daylight quality lighting.
  • The ultimate makeup storage with mirror and light combination. Organise your makeup for ease of use with designated compartments and flaps separating your pencils and brushes.
  • Beautifect makeup case with mirror completely distortion free.
  • Magic Hinge allowing you to easily angle and hold to any position that best suits you.
  • Rechargeable and cordless luxury vanity case. A single charge via USB-C lasts up to 1 month.
  • Compact portable makeup station allowing you to get ready in comfort wherever you are.
  • 5 x magnification mirror which can attach to the main mirror.

Included in Your Package

1 Beautifect Box
1 Beautifect magnification 5x mirror in sleeve
1 Beautifect USB-C charging cable
1 Beautifect cleaning cloth
1 Insert card demonstrating best use & a quick start guide
1 Luxury Beautifect gift box 


Dimensions (cm) 29.3 x 24.6 x 9.8
Power Rechargeable built in lithium-ion battery, USB-C port 5V 1-2.5 amp
Battery Life 1 charge lasts up to 1 month with average usage
Magnification 1x, 5x
Warranty 1 year
Mirror Distortion-free, scratch resistant to industry level standards
Brightness 260-720 Lux
Colour Rendering Index 90+ CRI

Beautifect Box White FAQ

What is the Beautifect Box?

The Beautifect Box is a luxury, high quality, portable makeup vanity case with outstanding LED lighting. Designed especially to apply your makeup anytime, anywhere, the Beautifect Box takes away the worries of balancing mirrors, emptying makeup bags, and settling for poor lighting. A revolutionary product with nothing else like it on the market, this portable beauty studio is revolutionising the way you do your makeup. With designated, wipeable compartments, a sleek storage system, brush holders, magnification mirror and 5 different lighting settings, the Beautifect Box is the perfect versatile makeup bag, luxury vanity case, portable dressing table and more…

Is this for travel?

Why would you save the ultimate lighting for makeup in the industry only for when you travel? This luxury vanity case is ideal for everyday use at home, and when you do want to travel it is conveniently ready to go with your makeup essentials inside.

Why has the Beautifect Box been developed?

There is no longer a need to be tied down to doing your makeup at a dressing table or positioning mirrors near windows to get enough light, your makeup can come to you anywhere you want with the advanced lighting technology. You can now do your makeup anywhere you want at home and on the go too and achieve a flawless application. With light that shows you how you really look which ultimately avoids makeup mishaps too.

Why should I use the Beautifect Box?

There is no better way to do your makeup, the lighting accurately represents daylight along with other lighting environments so you can see how you really look to others before you leave the front door. We invest so much into purchasing good quality makeup but without the right lighting to apply it we won’t achieve the flawless finish we want. You need this just as much as you need your makeup.

Can I fly with the Beautifect Box?

The Beautifect Box is safe to travel with, please always check with your airline carrier if it needs to be in carry-on or checked-in luggage. The battery is fully enclosed inside the device so it should not be an issue.

How much makeup can I store in the Beautifect Box?

The Beautifect Box has been designed to hold the contents of a large makeup bag and feedback from satisfied customers have said it holds more! The compartments have been designed to hold all your daily makeup, we don't believe people should need to rummage around in bags full of items they don't use everyday just to find the item they want. Any additional items which you don't use everyday can be stored in our Vanity Bag or Tote Bag too!

Does the makeup stay in place when I move the product around?

The Beautifect Box has been meticulously designed to protect your makeup. The generous storage has been sectioned into individual compartments, with cushioned flaps to protect your makeup. There are also separate holders to store your brushes and pencils.

Does it include magnification?

The Beautifect Box includes a smaller 5x magnification mirror. This magnetically attaches in 3 places along the upper part of the main mirror, ideal for doing your eye makeup.

How much does the Beautifect Box weigh?

The Beautifect Box weighs in at approx. only 1.7kg or 3.5lbs

What is the alternative to a Beautifect Box?

Bad lighting resulting in your makeup application not looking as good as it could. Standing in bathrooms leaning over sinks, positioning large dressing tables in front of windows, sitting at a mirror trying to get good lighting. With the Beautifect Box you can have perfect lighting every time, in comfort on your sofa with the TV on, on your bed or even at the kitchen table when you have a busy day ahead. There is no similar luxury portable makeup box. There is no similar portable beauty studio incorporated in a chic cosmetics case. There is no similar to the first of its kind 5-function LED lighting. There is certainly no alternative. Beautifect is revolutionising the way we do our makeup.

How often do I need to charge it?

A single full charge can last up to 4 weeks with average daily usage. It is easy to charge overnight with the provided USB-C cable.

What is the Beautifect Box made from?

The Beautifect Box is expertly made from a durable molded acrylic polymer. This is to ensure the luxury makeup case is sturdy and as lightweight as possible so it can be conveniently carried with you anywhere you want at home or away.

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