Dr Tara Lalvani: Why every mum needs Beautifect!


Time is precious, it is the ultimate luxury and quite often us mums just simply don’t have enough of it! For so long we have made sacrifices in our daily routine to facilitate the needs of our family and careers. I developed Beautifect so you could gain back that precious time, look good and feel great whilst still being there for the people you love the most. 

How often have you had to leave the room your children are in just to go get ready? How many times have you lost your favorite mascara? Have you had to get up extra early just to put yourself together so you can keep an eye on the kids when they get up? Or have you completely neglected to put your favorite makeup on & do your hair due to lack of time and convenience? 

These were all issues I faced daily, and on top of this when I did get those moments to get ready, the lighting was poor and my makeup was disorganized in messy makeup bags. It wasn’t a quick, easy, enjoyable process - it was a rush and felt like a chore and a waste of valuable time trying to find what I needed and get the right lighting. 

With Beautifect the whole process is relaxed, comfortable and easy. You have everything you need in one place so you can easily move around your home from room to room making sure you don’t miss anything. Mums have always had to multitask - but when it comes to doing our makeup and getting the kids ready it doesn’t always work out. Now it can! They can be having their breakfast whilst you put your makeup on with the perfect lighting and all your products organized and easy to find - safe in the knowledge you don’t have to take your eyes off them!

Life is hectic and I don’t want you missing out on those precious moments with your family or not feeling confident for work due to lack of time and the right tools to get ready. Equally I want you to have a sanctuary, something luxurious you can use day after day to make yourself feel beautiful, or unwind at the end of the day with your skincare regime.

Beautifect is as versatile as mums have to be; there for you when you need it no matter what and with the best of exactly what you need. That is why every mum needs Beautifect; empowering you to be able to have it all and be the best mother and the best you!
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