Combat the winter blues with your Beautifect Makeup Case.

Combat the winter blues with your Beautifect Makeup Case.

Simulate the perfect dose of daylight to your daily makeup routine to elevate your mood.

For one in three people in the UK, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) will hit them at some point in their life. Women are about four times more likely to have SAD than men.

“Winter depression” is a very real type of depression that can peak in the winter and tail off in the summer months. Whilst we eagerly await the lightness of Spring and those bright summer nights, The Beautifect team have put together our top tips on how to utilize your Beautifect vanity case & mirror to diminish SADs and raise your mood.

Introduce “Light Therapy” to your daily routine when using your Beautifect makeup box and mirror.

Short doses of bright light therapy every morning (for 15-20 minutes) from Autumn through to Spring has been recommended to effectively reduce mood disturbances and combat Seasonal Affective Disorder *.

Vikki Parlour, a BACP Psychotherapist from The Therapy Parlour, states,

“Light therapy is one of the most effective methods to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder. Using a vanity case with a mirror such as Beautifect on daylight mode is not only great for applying makeup, but it can provide you with a boost of daylight which isn’t always accessible when the days get shorter and the evenings become darker. Introducing things into our daily routine that represent daylight can have great benefits for those suffering from SAD. We can’t control the seasons but we can control what we do that allows us to feel better when we are not able to access daylight.” 

Add a boost of daylight to your makeup routine, handy tips and reminders. 

It is the little things when done consistently that can have the biggest impact on our well-being. The Beautifect box’s advanced light technology provides that boost of daylight that can help to combat SAD; ensuring you can look and feel your best from the inside out!

Here are some handy tips and reminders to set to ensure you add light therapy to your daily makeup routine. When practiced daily for as little as 15 minutes a day, the additional mimic of sunlight can help to ease SAD symptoms.

Use your daylight setting to kick off your routine each day.

  • We encourage you to use the daylight setting on your Beautifect Box to kick off your daily skincare & makeup routine. The beauty of having a portable dressing table is that everyday stresses that life can throw at us (between locations, lack of time, juggling tasks) are eliminated when you can create time for you, anywhere at any time.

Set a reminder for each morning between Autumn and Spring.

  • The most important time to boost your mood begins with your daily morning routine. The natural decrease in sunlight over the darker and colder months can reduce your serotonin levels. Serotonin influences your circadian rhythm and mood. It is possible to experience SAD in the warmer summer months, if you feel that this will be the case for you we recommend setting a morning reminder all year round.

Add lighting in the evening to your routine too.

  • Beautifect spent two years perfecting and refining the lighting for the Beautifect Box which has a high CRI of 90+, this is as close to perfect daylight quality as you can get, so not only do you have the ideal light for doing your makeup, the light is optimum for continued mood boosting daylight to help reduce SADS symptoms. As well as the incredible day lighting setting the Beautifect Box has an additional range of simulated lighting environments. Ranging from evening through to bright sun, all color modes are engineered with powerful LED even-glow technology which effectively eliminates shadows, and includes 3 optimized brightness settings to tailor to your needs. If you work from home and struggle for natural daylight, another great tip is to use your Beautifect Box and one of the 5 light settings when winding down in the evening doing your night time routine.

Charge up and relax

  • One single charge of your Beautifect Box lasts an impressive 4 weeks. If you are about to travel, or are on the go, we want you to feel reassured that you don't have to be without that all-important mood-boosting daylight. The Beautifect Box is rechargeable and cordless - this means you never have to be tied down to one place or one type of lighting to do your daily routine ever again.

Other ways to help manage SAD

●    BACP Psychotherapist from The Therapy Parlour Vikki Parlour, gives us her top recommendations to help manage SAD too.

  1. Aromatherapy & the use of essential oils 
  2. Taking Vitamin D supplements
  3. Exercising outdoors 
  4. Mindfulness

Ceo and Founder, Dr. Tara Lalvani shares her experience with SADs symptoms and how she elevates her mood during the winter months whilst using her invention, the Beautifect Box.

Recognizing SAD is the first step in understanding that the ‘winter blues' is a legitimate feeling and statistically this is even more common in women. Even if you do not suffer from SAD the winter can take a major toll mentally. I have found my energy and positivity can wane during the darker months but having access to daylight is a proven mood booster and something I try and enjoy as much as possible. Beautifect’s revolutionary lighting technology simulates the perfect daylight quality lighting which means I can start each day with that wondrous bright sunshine and improve my mood no matter what is happening around me.” – Dr. Tara Lalvani, Founder of Beautifect.

The team at Beautifect hope this blog was insightful and has inspired you to help recognize the signs and symptoms of SAD, we hope that the tips and recommendations to reduce the feelings whilst using your Beautifect Box give you the confidence you deserve each day.


*Vikki Parlour is a BACP registered psychotherapist and qualified mindfulness practitioner who offers individual therapy at The Therapy Parlour in Bloomsbury, London WC1.

*NIH NCBI study

*Crave Magazine

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