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Beautifect Summer Essentials

Beautifect Summer Essentials

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Transform your beauty routine with Beautifect Summer Essentials. This all-in-one collection ensures you're ready to shine, no matter where the season takes you. Read more

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Learn about the Beautifect Summer Essentials

Embrace the essence of summer with the Beautifect Summer Essentials, a luxurious collection designed to enhance your natural beauty and keep you radiant all season long.


  • Beautifect 7x Magnification Mirror (RRP $25/£18.95) - ensures that detailed tasks like tweezing and applying makeup can be carried out effortlessly and with precision. 
  • Beautifect Tweezer (RRP $25/£18.95) - allows you to grip an almost invisible hair and remove it directly from the root and without catching the skin.
  • Pod with Blender (RRP $22/£18.95) -  extremely popular triple-action Blender for flawless coverage with protective Pod swivel case.
  • Crystal Nail File (RRP $17/£14.50) - the highest quality crystal ensures a smooth finish to your nails with no splitting or peeling. 
  • Bamboo Infused Face Cloths (RRP $17/£14.50) - delicately removes impurities and makeup without stripping your skin of its natural moisture.
  • Spa Headband (RRP $14/£9.95) - luxuriously plush Spa Headband ensures to keep hairs out of your face whilst cleansing, toning, applying makeup and more.