Tara Lalvani: The Importance Of A Daily Routine During The Lockdown

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With a second lockdown, our founder Tara shares how a daily routine is now more important than ever.

It feels amazing to finally be able to share the Beautifect Box with you! Even though we only launched just over a month ago, the amount of interest and great feedback has been overwhelming. For those of you who already have a Beautifect Box I hope you’re enjoying every liberating and empowering moment it brings you.

We are breaking all the old rules and paving the way for revolutionizing our beauty routines, we no longer need to be doing our makeup the same way our mothers, grandmothers and even great grandmothers were doing it! In a world full of so much innovation and where everything is available on demand, why shouldn’t our makeup be?

Now more than ever it is so important to have a routine. Eating healthily, exercising and keeping up a beauty regime energizes and empowers you. Having the Beautifect Box at your fingertips makes getting ready so much easier and a lot more fun. Something you do everyday doesn’t have to feel like a chore anymore!

beautifect box

As humans we flourish with routine and structure, being thrust into an enforced ‘new normal’ can massively disrupt everything and lead to increased stress, fatigue and generally feeling overwhelmed. Beauty, skincare & makeup routines should remain an important daily step to give you that powerful psychological boost. Sticking to a daily routine in such difficult uncertain circumstances can seem like a huge challenge, but the benefits are so worth it. Award winning author of “Sometimes When I’m Sad” and expert Professor of Psychology at Adelphi University, Deborah Serani says “Studies in resiliency during traumatic events encourage keeping a routine to your day”. 

Every time I apply my makeup I instantly feel like I have the energy to face the day ahead, I find that starting the day like this can really boost positivity and help keep you on track. The Beautifect Box helps me feel more in control, confident and productive.

beautifect box

With a new national lockdown and my children's routines disrupted, I can now spend even more time with them as I'm not tied down to doing my makeup in the bathroom, or at the dressing table. I’m able to sit with them wherever they are ... in the kitchen, lounge or even garden and do my makeup with ease. I want you to have the power to do the same. Take the stress out of keeping on top of everything. Have the best light, mirror & storage combination the industry has to offer & invest in yourself, your routine and embrace the new normal.

In the coming weeks I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with you, my inspirations, what drives me, my life as the wife of a Dragon and how achieving your dreams is within all of us.

Tara x

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